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Checking a text

1. Spelling and punctuation:
·    small on capital letters (capital letters for names, I , Monday etc,           months , countries, langueges , (“German&rdquo )
·    y-ie e.g. countries, happien , she tries
·    not too many commas (no comma in front of “that&rdquo

2. Words
·    quiet= leise    quite=ziemlich
then = dann    than= als (beim Komperativ e.g. bigger than)
·    where= wo    were= waren
·    use of the correct preposition
·    good at
·    intresting in
·    Harry Potter is a book by J. K. Rowling.
·    I was at my friend´s house.

3. Grammar
    3rd person singular (he, she, it, -s muss mit)
    pronouns (She helped him)
    genitive –s (e.g. Tom´s book)
    use a form of “to do” (does, do, did) in negative statements and             questions in the simple present and simple past.
    Adjectives/adverbs. We have to usw an adverb (adjectives+-ly) when we     want to describe a verb.
    No unmotived tense changed.

4. word order
    subject, verb, object
    place before time

5. style
    structure: introduction, main part, conclusion
    colourful words
    don´t start several sentences with the same word
    conjunctions (then, after taht, because, when, etc.)
    sentences not too long

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